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I have worked in a lot of outsourcing companies as a regular developer before deciding to be in a position that allows to make bold moves. Passionate about technology, especially web. Advocate ASP.NET MVC framework and curious about .NET ecosystem, hope that it will be more open and its bloom is on the way. Appreciate good programming languages. Have 4 years experience in C#, and played with Python, Scala, C, Ruby. Doing a lot of frontend development lately with Coffeescript and Backbone.js To-do addict and struggling to find the time to work on my own to-do service. Believe in: SOLID software development principles Domain driven design Right tools for the right job High cohesion and low coupling No vs. in "static typing vs. dynamic typing" MVC is good. (ASP.NET MVC, Rails, Knockout and Backbone) Huge fan of good books ("C# in Depth" and "The Well-Grounded Rubyist" are great examples)

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