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a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 05/10/2018

Most good family Auto Clubs reimburse you up to $750 to defend yourself with a lawyer in Traffic Court ( Allstate,Hartford,AARP,Montgomery Wards,some AAA depending on region or state.<br><br>After sitting in traffic court and witnessing the many people can&apos;t afford to pay their ticket fee at that time and have to end up on probation for months and paying all these extra fees and wasting time going down there once a month to report. I though if I provide a service that will assist individual with paying their ticket but they will have to have at least 50% of the ticket cost and I would pay the remainder balance and allow them 30 to 45 days to repay me what I paid plus an additional fee. I know I will need to set up something with the courts if an individual decided not to pay. I don&apos;t have all the logic yet but,looking for some feedback. Thanks

Auto Accident

Driving Record



hit and run

Speeding Ticket

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