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A "DETACHABLE CAR" can detach to a 2 Seater

a startup idea shared by Rahul Nisal on 01/10/2018

TRAFFIC CONGESTION:... Every day I see thousands of office commuters, using their CARS to office, most of them driving alone. For Office commute a person needs a 2 seater car. But these are not a great "Hit" in the market, since a person also needs the same car for his family during weekends. So no one wants to buy 2 cars, one for office & second for family. SOLUTION:- Make a family car, which can detach out into a 2 seater version for office commute, reattach for family commute. The 2 seater could have its smaller engine at the front, & the family seater could have a larger engine at the rear. New car designs moving on to electric powered (Eco friendly versions) will find it easier to incorporate this improvisation during their initial design stage itself.. I strongly feel such a car will play a big role in addressing many problems ..Traffic congestion, parking problems, Fuel savings, ease of commute etc..etc..

2 seater car

car design

economical car

electric car

family car

Hybrid car


modern car

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