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A double sided T shirt [TWOTEES or TWINTEES]

a startup idea shared by Md Rehan on 04/07/2017

The main problem that will be tackled by this 2 sided t-shirt is that when you wear a t-shirt throughout the day it tends to get dirty ,So if you are not at home or you are on your way to somewhere how do you clean it up???ofcourse water doesn't get rid of all stains TWOTEES or TWINTEES [that's the name Iam thinking] will be a t-shirt design where it will have designs on both the sides of the shirt so when one side gets dirty or if you just wanna change your t shirts without going home you quickly flip it up and change to the other side.You can keep the other side in same colour or you can use combination of different colours . Like on one side of the T shirt its black the other side can be blue or red or whatever the colour with a different or with the same design. The stitching on the other side can be hidden with an extra piece of clothing to make it look like its correct on both sides


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