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A proofreading service for students

a startup idea shared by Nadeera on 11/24/2017

ProofMe is an app under construction that connects people who are prepared to proofread academic papers to students. A fee, determined by the proofreader, will be charged to the student. An upper limit will be set so that the service remains affordable. Proofreaders will be asked to provide supporting documentation as to why they are eligible to proofread papers - similar to the AirBnB 'vetting process'. Various minimum requirements will be enforced. Proofreaders will read through students' papers and make corrections and/or provide advice on any improvement they feel could me made to the assignment. Once feedback has been received, students will rate their proofreader according to certain criteria - This rating (out of 5 stars) will be reflected on the proofreader's profile. Papers will be categorised by grade level or academic year (E.g.: 'Grade 11 English'). We see this as not only being profitable and highly rewarding for those who get involved as proofreaders but also an immensely valuable tool for students across the globe - especially ESL students.




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Kayode Jegede Business Development and funding Canada
Zaid Alzoyoud Website developer Jordan
Jeremy Robertson Marketing United States
Adv Abhinav Development of company India
Tadeo Ab Senior Software Developer Buenos Aires ,Argentina

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