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Dennis shared this idea 9 years ago

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A worldwide special business school

a startup idea shared by Dennis on 11/20/2012

Have you ever gone oversea and noticed business concepts that motivated and inspired you? And maybe in the back of your mind, you were thinking, hey, I can do this back in my country? I am not talking about franchise, although it can be part of it. But I am talking about small and mid size businesses. For example, in Hong Kong, they have these fast food stalls that sell noodles in small packets. Basically all the ingredients and other side dishes are in small individual packets on their own. You just take the packets that you wanted, the noodle, the sauce, or additional side dishes. Then when you want to eat them, you just pour them all into the noodle packet. Quite innovation in its own unique way. And I have friends in Australia and India expressing their interests in maybe having this in their own countries. But I was unable to help them as I am not from Hong Kong and I do have Hongkies friends that know that trade. So that's where this business idea comes in. The special school will source for the knowledge and teach them.



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