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AI-Predictive Programming

a startup idea shared by Vladimir Petriti on 01/27/2015

I want good programers developers who want to join me in this amazing trip toward success! My goal is not money more than it is to build an amazing relationship with people who are willing to put their time in creating smth amazing! About the Idea yes,I am building a software that predicts rises of markets,natural phenomena,crisis ect.and I know how to create it just need good programmers that are willing to work this me!





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Shoba Developer, Data Analysis India
Parth Sane Software Developer Mumbai, India
Michael George Software Developer United States
Jan Toman Frontend developer, UX designer Czech republic
Maclean Pinto Java Developer Bangalore
Namrata Gandhi Sofware Developer Mumbai, India
Marmik Pandya Developer Mumbai,India
Dalt Johny Systems Analysis and Design (software developer) Canada
Monica Singh Data Analyst San Francisco, USA
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Kumar Abhinav Developer India
Shivam Kapoor iOS developer Mumbai
Abdullah Malik web developer Pakistan
Omar Ragheb devloper Saudi Arabia
Varun Chopra Developer India
Bandhan Munjal Developer Mumbai
Samadhi Poornima Kumarasinghe Developer Sri Lanka
Sotaya Yakubu Software Engineer Saarbrucken, Germany
Keval Shah Software Developer Bhavnagar, India
Mahmoud Gamal software Devekoper Egypt
Aswin Lakshmi Narashiman Software Developer Pittsburgh, USA
Marco Capusso programmer Italy
Jon Michelsen AI-Engineer Oslo, Norway
Abdul Sameem Software Engineer India
Gopala KR Developer Mumbai, India
Leo Pragi Developer coimbatore
Dharmaraj Jayaraman Web/App developer, Project Management India - Chennai
barot dhruv Software Engineer Ahmedabad(India)
Shan Sudhar student TN,INDIA
Theodor-Adrian Badea Student, Software Developer Bucharest
node js Developer Islamabad, Pakistan

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