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Aid to Blind to browse on net

a startup idea shared by Geetha Bhargavi on 02/14/2015

Hai friends,I am Geetha and I wish to throw the lime light the problems of the blind.We all are quite familiar that internet when used in correct way lands us on the flying colors if used wrong that's a nightmare.But anyways internet has its own lion share in our overall development not just one or the another academics,economy,business,entertainment what not its omniscient! But the blind people cannot undergo into the tunnel of web as they do not know our language,they don't have the knowledge of toggling keys on the keyboard which we do it on on our fingertips with ease.What they all know is braille script Blind people are not cursed they are just challenged.So,they need not miss the advantages of the net.So,my idea is to develop an app or a software that accomplishes them to access the net using voice sensors/a keyword with braille cells instead of familiar keyboards.I strongly believe that the implementation of this idea would surely help the blind to access the web,put themselves up-to-date and let them enjoy the net as we do.If the blind gets developed the world gets developed completely as they are also the tenants of the world.

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