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Analizing chess online

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 11/22/2014

For those unfamiliar with chess, there is a lot of theory to study and it can be hard/boring some times. <br>Nowadays, live lessons and videos are available all around internet. However, one of the methods to improve an review your games is analysing with your opponent after the game, or maybe with friends or club mates, and unfortunately there&apos;s no such an open platform to do so on internet. My idea is to develop a website were people can basically analyse chess on-line (that basically needs of a chessboard where both players can do and undo movements, highlight squares, trace arrows, and ideally have a live microphone or even a webcam.) The key here is to create a free service and use premium accounts to gain some revenue. An additional revenue channel is to attract chess coaches.<br>This idea come in a moment where chess is getting very popular around the world and specially within the educational sectors.

analyze chess



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