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Anonymous interest based meet-up website

a startup idea shared by Daniel Marshall on 11/27/2016

User creates an account, chooses/creates an access key. This is the minimum required to access the service. Email, etc, can be optionally provided, but stored encrypted. Otherwise, you optionally provide a range of relevant information categories about yourself, and the interests you have that you want to connect with in another, but not admit to publicly. You have a specific kink that's important to you? List/pick it as a match point (and provide age range, location, etc, as desired) to use as a dating site. Perhaps you're a smoker, or a toker, or a drinker. List/pick those and basic a/s/l type as a social meet up site. Perhaps you're a fan of Nickleback, or Barry Manilow, or Hanson.... use it as a secret music love site. Mix and match to meet people that share your secret interests, and share as much about yourself as you wish to let them find you. There's no super secret algorithm, just basic straight forward listing and filtering. There's so much society in general frowns upon that is still acceptable and interests that can be shared, even if you're secretly embarrassed, however this would offer a way to anonymously reveal ourselves that doesn't otherwise exist.









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