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Anonymous on Mainstream Social Networks

a startup idea shared by Anonymous on 05/11/2014

&apos;Quiet&quot;:<br>A software (app) that paranoid people can use to post on their social media streams anonymously.<br><br>Scenario:<br>?1- One would set up a Twitter account using all measures of anonymity. (No one knows him)<br>2- He uses this software (which I&apos;ll dub &quot;Quiet&quot; from now on) to post without ever accessing that Twitter account<br>2a- What happens in No. 2 above is that the app authenticates, gets a granted permission to post to Twitter, and then receives your input (the Tweet), and post it to Twitter through an exit relay of TOR (or VPN but this is less secure).<br><br>Result:<br>You can post to your (mainstream social network of) Twitter without ever being tied to those posts. Thus eliminating any possible tracks, ads, or personally identifying information being sent to Twitter.<br><br>The difference between a VPN, Proxy and Quiet is that when you have the app, say on your phone, then you have to take NO MEASURES whatsoever to anonymize your posts location of origin. You just write your message in the app, and it takes care of rerouting the traffic through TOR&apos;s decentralized network (or their own servers in case of VPN-like solution) to then post to the social network without having your IP ever sent.<br>








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