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App to Incentivize Fact-Checking/ Fight Fake News

a startup idea shared by David Joseph on 01/10/2017

I'm working on an app that acts as a decentralized news stream. What this means is that instead of news being created or filtered from the top down, readers of the newspapers themselves will create the content. However, users post against their own credit that they load with real money; whether their contribution is upvoted or downvoted determines their profit/loss respectively. What's to stop users from voting based on their political affiliations and not according to due diligence of the facts? Similar to posting articles, voting is also grounds for gaining/losing credit. Users who do not fact-check but vote just to influence popular opinion can expect to lose money because others who fact-check for profit will not vote the same. The output will be a news stream that is filtered to be as credible as possible because it leverages self-interest in humans. I believe this is the best way to fight fake news.








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