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Application statistics-monitoring as a service

a startup idea shared by Saul Fleischman on 04/25/2012

Users would be owners of web apps. They would expose a bunch of statistics via a URL on their site (ie Stats might be the number of emails queued for sending, the size of a queue of tweets which are being processed, or whatever. The stats are then polled intermittently and monitored for unusual changes. The user is then emailed to warn them of aberrations/anomalies. Getting a number out is trivial for the user; setting up monitoring on it maybe not so trivial for them to implement. Getting feedback when a new release breaks something could be critical. Exposing status through a simple web service might make things compatible. We should provide libraries for PHP, Java, .Net, JS, Ruby and users can use them to expose their status to you. If we can produce a graphical front end to this data, which clients can visit to see whats up, great.



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