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Artificial intelligent calendar scheduler

a startup idea shared by Andy Holst on 10/03/2013

I want to create an artificial intelligent calendar app, that is both mobile app and a web service app that connects your calendar primarily with your email account/accounts and in a intelligent way come up with suggestion/suggestions for a meeting with your involved peers. The app shall be able to come up with ideas for time and date depending on your calendar for the meeting you want to create; and the app shall also be able to parse the semantics in the emails you have with your involved peers and come up with date and time suggestions of the meeting and notify them that these suggestions are the ones you can have a meeting and let you save time. I believe this idea can get high gain(publicity/exposure/financing) using crowd-funding platform such as or FundedByMe. I need a co-founder that can do web design. (CSS, HTML, Javascript and either Ruby/Python development) I need a co-founder that has good fundamental understanding of artificial intelligence regarding parsing text and it's semantic and can code/prototype it in either Java, Python or Ruby. I need a co-founder that has good understanding for mobile development (Android).


Artificial Intelligence





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Tejas Patel Developer India
Andy Holst Software developer Sweden
jasldfka CarSangrah developer chennai
dogan1aydin Developer Turkey
Amit Gilad Android developer israel
Gilad Pinker Java android developer Israel, Dimona
Dylan Wynn Developer Los Angeles, CA
Agus Ekanurdi Java Developer Singapore
Ehsan Eslami artificial intelligence iran
Stylianos Sevdalis .net developer Australia
Omprakash Kesare Android developer Belgium
Jean Nussens Python and Web Developer Brazil, SP
Sanjay Jha Technical Architect Pune
Varun Chopra Developer - Solutioning India
Zavaczki Raul Programmer - Python,CSS,HTML Romania
Marco Capusso programmer Italy
Anushree Gandhi PHP,JS and Android devloper Bangalore India
satyam pandey UI Developer Bangalore
Prasanna Anbu Android Developer Chennai, India
Bhâřât Nâyâk Java Developer Jaipur, India
Alex Craven HTML/CSS and Python Developer South Wales, UK
Neha Gupta HTML/CSS/ java developer New York
Pradnya Mutha Android developer, Machine learning, Java develope Pune, India
Chandanaraj P Android developer chennai
Ismaran Duwadi Software development team Lead Kathmandu, Nepal

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