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Augmented reality for shopping clothes online

a startup idea shared by Lukáš Strniště on 01/11/2012

To develop a solution for an online shopping plattforms that would integrate in the product detail accept your picture and work with your physical proportions to show you exactly how the piece of a cloth would fit you. Everything using an augmented reality.

augmented reality


online ideas

Online Shopping

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Lukáš Strniště Project Management / Business Development Germany / Czech Republic
Abhinandan Sahgal MObile App developer,3yrs experince Bangalore INdia
Ranim Bouraoui Developer (Apple Product Professional) Tunisia
kiran k popop afkan
Saurabh Sharma Developer India
karl buettner implementation guadeloupe
Lourens Marx Developer South Africa
Mohnish Prasanna developer India
Shaffaf E Developer, innovator Bangalore, India
Mahesh Samaradiwakara Launching in Sri Lanka / Junior Project Manager Sri Lanka
Volodymyr Sharayenko C++JavaOpenGL developer Ukraine
Tejaswi Reddy developer,designer india
Ayushi Gupta Software developer Schneider electric
Varun Chandran Android Developer Cochin
Tuskie Okeke Cross-platform Developer Nigeria
Indu Verma Entrepreneur Calangute Goa
Taeef Najib Co-founder, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer Dhaka, Bangladesh
Budianto Yudi Lauching in Indonesia, Marketer, Digital Marketer Indonesia
Remon Samir web developer Egypt
damilare emmanuel Mobile developer Nigeria

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