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Augmented Reality Game

a startup idea shared by Dhaval Palsana on 04/20/2014

The idea is to create a augmented reality game called &quot;Save America&quot; or any city/ country. <br>One camera which is mounted at much height will be transmitting video feed to the server, for example we can mount camera at somewhere on Brooklyn heights so we can have nice view of Manhattan. <br>On the app you will see the live feed of camera and app will augment the seen with some missiles heading to city and you have stop them right away! To add more fun we can give camera some movement so it seems real and fun. <br>User will be scored accordingly and will show how much they love their nation and compete with each other on social networks which once again adds challenge to this game. <br>We have already done this duck shooting game using Arduino and Opencv on computer but if we can port it smartphones and add above mentioned goodies I think it can really do good on app stores. <br><br>Let me know thoughts on it!


augmented reality




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