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Automation of arranging meetings process.

a startup idea shared by Andrey Ivanov on 03/18/2015

The problem that I want to be resolved is a painful lack of time, which sometimes doesn't let you to plan your activites. Here is my idea about the service that can help, right now we're searching for some advices/feedback from people all over the world (I study in Russia and don't want to be limited with my country, this service can be used generally anywhere). We offer service, which allows you to save time for arranging meetings. You choose time, area and type of place, which are best suitable for you (it's easy and simple, just several clicks in on the website or on your smartphone), after that you share it to your partners, they do the same thing and the service automatically generates the time, which is good for each person and suggests several places, for example, based on forsquare rating or smth like this. After that you just need to approve everything and the meeting is arranged. If you have some free time (just 2 minutes, I don't think it takes more), could you please give some feedback or advices on this service. Here is a GoogleForm, which I'd like to use to analyze everything - I appreciate any reasoned feedback. Thanks!







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