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Aviation Ecosystem in India

a startup idea shared by Rohit Tomar on 06/09/2015

Current Problem - <br>1) Legacy airlines - high cost unable to grow fleet<br>2) Indigo - Able to grow, unable to deploy multiple aircraft type fleet for regional connectivity<br>3) New Startups - Backed by conglomerates but run by family members - limited knowledge about aviation<br><br>Solution - <br>1) Ability to deploy upto 50 of 100 seat aircraft within India<br>2) Ability to form strategic JV and Special Business Units to lower the asset based and achieve higher fixed costs for the airline<br>3) Ability to negotiate a low aircraft purchase cost (asset backed loan) and convert to Sale and Lease back.<br>4) Generate revenue centers from SBU and support the group company to achieve higher returns on investment.<br>5) Ability to compete in the market efficiently by attaining a CASK (Cost per available seat Kilometer) of INR 2.9 to 3.1 and a RASK (Revenue per available seat Kilometer) of INR 3.7 to 3.9




startup airline

Ultra Low Cost Carrier

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