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Awesome dating platform

a startup idea shared by Tomislav Acimovic on 09/01/2013

I&apos;m &quot;designing&quot; a great product, a dating platform which will have Android, iOS, Web and Facebook Apps. I am making a blueprint of this platform, a detailed plan of product look and functionality and I&apos;m looking for developers and business people ready to invest/manage/develop this. Time needed to develop this platform is around 10 weeks. I&apos;m willing to gather a team of people who are willing to invest their hard work and/or hard-earned money to make this thing big. <br><br>This team would need Android, iOS, Web, Facebook and back-end developers, designer, business expert, marketing expert and some money investments which will have company shares. I&apos;m willing to create a concept, book of standards, all app blueprints, marketing and development strategy and business plan for 10% of company shares. Also, for this 10 week period of development, I would volunteer as an adviser for both of managers, helping our managers and to build this by my vision.<br>At first moment I&apos;m looking for Business Manager and Development Manager, who will hire other people under them. <br><br>Hints: Apps combine some of the best games/techniques from dating industry. Revenue strategy will include token system.





mobile app



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Tomislav Acimovic Project Manager Belgrade, Serbia
Kayhan Cinar Developer Germany
Ivan Stamenkovic Web developer(more backend) Serbia
Jeetendra Lulla Management India
Alexander Klyuchev mobile developer saint-petersburg russia
Trâm Phan Launch it in my country Vietnam
Pranjal Patel invest in the project india
Abhinandan Sahgal Development Manager Bangalore India

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