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Best SE News, Updates, Tips from the Web

a startup idea shared by Suroj Boro on 01/19/2013

The pitch “Best Search Engine News, Tips, Tricks from the Web” What it is: An online website where all the quality SE news from the web are posted. There are a lot of websites and blogs which have really great informative articles about SEO, SEM that don't get much visibility. But with this website users can find these information through the links published on the site. How it works: Think of it like digg but without the voting (thumbs up/digging)okay. Just submit a link and article gets published. News will be displayed based on the date, also there will be pages for most popular based on daily,weekly, monthly. It will only display post titles and few texts. Link will open in a new window and go the content site. Why it’s hot: SEO and SEM are the backbone of online presence. Every webmaster wants to be up to date with the latest news and updates. Today SEO are a big business, people spend tons of money to get ahead of the competitor in search engine rankings. With the simple service this website could provide people would greatly benefit from this. Where the money is: Affiliate marketing or Advertising, there is a true potential in this. This niche has high demand. Diff:Easy



seo news

website development

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Suroj Boro Web Design, Web developer , SEO Bangalore, India

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