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Biosteel or Biomaterials

a startup idea shared by Syphone Maverick on 11/28/2014

Looking at biological cells, we can manipulate its functions to build and replace earth's limited minerals and resources. There are two plans for this: A) either allow cells to make micro-parts of materials on their own (through what is called an enzyme that perform chemical functions) or B) basically put cells together into organs and those organs will have different qualities such as durability, flammability, flexibility, colours, etc, which will give rise to potentially different materials from wood, aluminum, steel. Benefits & Advantages: 1. Environment friendly- allow cells to degrade itself later on, which is easier and faster than chemical compounds to degrade 2. Potentially infinite (?) resource- cells divide and proliferate on their own. If we make one cell that has a similar function like steel, than we can just allow itself to divide and create 2,4,8,16,... million cells that function like steel, by only giving basic nutrients such as sugar, water, and amino acids (proteins)






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