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Book Publishing: Development, Marketing Solutions

a startup idea shared by Christopher Rand on 03/09/2016

Book publishers struggle with quantifying and qualifying markets before they make important decisions about how books are financed, marketed, and sold. This stems from underdeveloped communication processes with their readers. Publishers must make assumptions about how the book will perform without a foundation in real market data. Publishers then must hope for favorable data in the hands of their buyers (bookstores). My solution is a consortium of online communities dedicated to establishing the foundations of successful nonfiction books. In each community, readers and potential authors generate and qualify content valuable to the creative processes already associated with developing a nonfiction book. Publishers access data specific to each of these communities, allowing them to quantify and qualify the market for unique nonfiction books of the future; then engage those communities to utilize their creative and communicative processes and bring successful nonfiction books to fruition. I’d like to collaborate with a developer with some experience in Drupal or a similar platform to build a prototype.

book publishing


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