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Bookmark button - bookmarking with a difference.

a startup idea shared by Yuvraj Pratap on 06/16/2013

I know we have bookmaking site like reddit, digg etc The idea: every website will have a bookmark button this idea has 2 aspect 1> The publisher, who adds the button to his site 2> The user, who bookmarks the site What problem will be solved : 1> problem in bookmarking in the browser that I cannot add comments to the bookmark to remind me why I bookmarked the site. 2>If my website is bookmarked I cannot communicate to the user who has bookmarked the site 3>this idea can also be an alternative to promotional emails which people dont like. Details: when we like the webpage we will press the button and it will open a text box where we can write why we are bookmarking it ... for our future reference. After this this url and the our comment will be posted on the wall of the main bookmarking website and all the bookmarks and corresponding comments can be viewed after logging into this bookmarking website. Then there will one more field next to the url and the comment which can be updated by the publisher i.e. the owner of the site whose site is bookmarked ... here the publisher can publish promotional stuff related to the bookmarked url.


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