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Bot helper

a startup idea shared by omni on 11/15/2012

Every day we use the internet for getting information. Often it happens that the day-to-day we are looking for the same type of information, for example we check new email, check weather in our city and etc...I want to create bot which will do for me many useful things. Description of bot: A bot is a server application that will start and send to the user information. We can use many transports: email, http, irc, xmpp, skype, different enterprise messengers like campfire or something else. All software consists from 2 parts: bot and plugins. Bot - is server application which will execute plugins. Every plugin is simple task which bot can execute. The bot will have two modes: Notification - user choose plugins and setup the time intervals over which they perform. For example: twitter plugin - bot will send to chat room last 5 tweet from some twitter account every 20 minutes (only example).Request - user send to bot some request and got response. For example: Hey bot calc me 1 + 1. Bot sends response 2. I try to find someone to help me to find the way to get some financing that I could work 24/7 on this project? I can't use kickstarter, because I am not living in the US.




network bot


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dogan1aydin Developer (Python,django,tornado) Turkey
Keval Shah Software Developer (Python, AI, NLP) Bhavnagar, India

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