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Buy with bitcoin

a startup idea shared by Fredrik Payedar on 08/29/2017

If a person has bitcoin, there are only a few sites on the internet where he can use these to buy stuff. <br><br>My idea is for an internet site, that allows people to buy from several other sites indirectly, such as for instance Amazon. Gearbest, wish and so on via us. In other words they pay us with bit coin (and/ or similar currencies) and we pay the sites with real money, all this for a small fee of say 20%<br><br>Hopefully the site can be fully automated, but if not I suppose the job could be done in some low- wage country, with a good supply of English speakers, such as India.<br><br>A person could of course just sell his bitcoin and use the money to purchase what he wants, but what we offer is a way to buy stuff without big brother seeing. When you buy something through the normal banking system it get&apos;s registered in your name and many people find this disconcerting. <br><br>At the same time we must work with authorities to insure that terrorists and criminal gangs don&apos;t use our site for illegal activities.<br><br>If you have any questions, or propositions don&apos;t hesitate to contact me on<br><br>Best regards, Fredrik











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