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Buzzfeed for brains

a startup idea shared by Pourya Darnihamedani on 01/13/2017

We are constantly bombarded with tsunami of content that can mask the real interesting knowledge we search for. How often have you planned to read an interesting book or article but you did not have time for that because it was too long and you did not find time? I have an idea to tackle this issue. My idea is that using machine learning (like text mining method), we try to summarize lengthy (yet interesting) articles or books (mostly from TED talks) into, let's say, one page. Then, we share this compressed text with our subscribers (or we can publish it). Of course, we miss out some details or examples but it should be possible to use data science to find insights into influential books and articles. I am not a technical person so I need technical insights. A data scientist would be a great help. In general, I appreciate your suggestions and solutions.

data science




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