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CAR MESSAGING SYSTEM - plate numbers

a startup idea shared by Mgol Merga on 05/10/2017

It would be cool if we could message each other on road using our plate numbers as our ID/logins. It would be cool to inform about broken lights etc or just rage at someone with a simple message. Overall ROAD messaging app where we could type in any plate number we see on road and send them message Ofc there would be no authentication as we could type our plate number... i dont think it would be a problem it would be an open app. Not to mention if you see cute girl on the road you could send her a message thro the app :) ifc ofc she also is using the app. But if one time she installed it and put her plate number in old messages would pop out. And people would be curious about their neighbors/family cars so they could check what messages also they received. Anyway... what you think about this kind of app guys and sorry for my English its not my primary language



plate numbers

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Kayode Jegede Idealist and business development Canada
Kapil Rai UI/UX Designer Punjab
Tushar Harwani I am CSE 2nd Yr student i am ready for every thing India
Bojuwoye Emmanuel Launch globally,marketer,biz developer Nigeria

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