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Hung Nguyen Tien shared this idea 6 years ago

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"Celebrity property" market

a startup idea shared by Hung Nguyen Tien on 07/09/2016

Today, lots of people watch the celebrities and their private life. They want to know what they did on the last evening party or why did they break up with their boyfriend. They follow them on social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, it struck me that so few of them actually met the celebrity they followed or somehow got into contact with them. For that reason, we decided to make a service (internet market), that would connect fans with celebrities by giving the fans an opportunity to buy/lease celebrity’s property (car, house, clothes…). But that’s not all, we want the connection to be more than just buying or sharing celebrity’s belongings. We want the connection to be much social, personal and so we will also offer a chance to order celebrity’s service. Examples of this could be: ordering Jennifer Lopez show on a birthday party or personally meet and dinner with Collin Farell. By this, the fans would gain some kind of personal access to celebrity’s life, that they would otherwise only read about on Facebook or Twitter. <br>All kind of feedbacks or comments would be appreciated! Thanks a lot







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