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Change the world we living in!

a startup idea shared by Eugene Nguyen on 03/04/2018

Have an idea? Stuck at something while creating yours? If so then you are the one we need. We are looking for anyone with innovative ideas, programmers, engineers, designers, marketing experts, and more... it doesn't matter what age you are in, where is your location, whether you having a degree or not, it's your personality, ideas, creativity, skills, experiences that counts. We are looking to build progress on many tech-related fields such as AI, robotics, security and so on. I and my friends are building a team that can work together to change the world. We will work on the internet and together we will create ideas, build it, test it, raise funds and eventually incorporate our team. Mentors are also welcome. Interested? Email me at with your information, experiences, and vision. Or you can also email me if you want to know more too.








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Elham Aryanpur Artificial Intelligence And Software Programmer! I Live I Afghanistan But I Can Work Remotely Too!

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