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Child Day Care & Babysitting

a startup idea shared by Arun Gautam on 06/14/2016

Hi Folks, I have seen many parents struggling to find a best Day care in their budget for their babies and are very worried about the child care in neighborhood. So my solution is to list all the days cares, creches, playschools and kindergartens and share their rating based on services each one have respectively and parents reviews & comments. Which can be easily searched by area or switching on gps. Once a parent is satisfied by any listen he can make the payment online and Schedule a appointment. Upon admission Parents can see Daily progress of child and track it, In & Out timings , Caretaker Present, Realtime pick n drop tracking, anytime CCTv access. All other day cares which will be in low rating will uplift their standards and babies will be in safer hand thereafter. Second Phase, we will introduce Babysitting. I have plan ready for baby sitting aswell.


Child Care


day care




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