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clean living

a startup idea shared by Prasad Manthini on 03/10/2015

India suffers from a lot of unclean public places. If we carefully observe, much of this is domestic waste that's unprocessed. There isn't a good system that collects waste from each house and process it. All people from a colony dump all their waste in 1 or 2 dust bins which will not be picked up daily and not processed properly. If properly processed this domestic waste can be turned into a good fertilizer and plastic and metal can be recycled. So I think it will be great if we can create a company which can take care of this problem. The key is doing this professionally. Not like the government. 1.Our workers should collect the waste daily or once in two days. 2.Workers should be trained properly about waste handling and communication with people 3.Workers must be trained to educate people about separating their waste into food, plastic, metal. 4.There should be a waste processing plant. We should be able to handle atleast 100 houses waste as a start. 5.Also the place around customer house also must be kept clean. This includes cleaning in front of the house, removing any waste materials in front of the house, Clearing the drains in front of the house.







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