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Collaboration Platform for Indian farmers

a startup idea shared by Sundaresan Krishnamurthy on 04/19/2013

The problems faced by Indian farmers and the agriculture industry is the losses in agriculture due to misinformation(or no information) lack of access to resources, information (like accurate weather prediction, market analysis and report), lack of access to modern equipment, lack of manpower . The idea is to offer a affordable and easy to use collaboration platform for farmers to learn, grow and prosper together as a community. Such a platform would 1.Offer real-time consulting to farmers on pest control , timely harvest and seed management, guidance efficient utilization of scarce resources like water and fuel. 2. Connect the farmers for sharing experiences as well as a resources among themselves. 3.Act as a efficient "farmer networking" platform for real-time collaboration and get them connected to the external world(market, potential service providers and consumers) and bring in the needed level of transparency. 4.enable them to make informed decision for example on choosing the right crops at the right time, making decisions on the right precautions and backup plans. 5.Establish the security and trust on agriculture and sustainable business venture. 6.create the awareness




IT for rural India

social business


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Joseph Ayrookaran advisor/technical consultant California
Ravi Roshan Developer Delhi-India
Derick Jiwan Consultant/Mentor Washington State
Mudit Mishra i will connect the farmers lucknow
Venkat M co Founder & Business Development India
Gopala KR Developer Mumbai, India
divya khandelwal developer agra
Nishchay Tomar management india
Prasanna S Senior Business Analyst Bangalore

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