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Andy Hickey shared this idea 7 years ago

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Community class action facilitator

a startup idea shared by Andy Hickey on 05/18/2015

Allows members of the public with grievances against a company to find and join forces with others who may have had the same issue with the same company in order to mount a class action where they would have been unable to take action on their own. It counters the ability of big business to short-change consumers because of the financial barriers to legal recourse. A user could search for a company and complaint type to find out whether other users have had the same complaint. The community would allow users to converse and provide guidance on mounting a class action. Law practices practices could offer their services, but at no stage is their financial co-ersion or is the ability of the users limited in controlling how to move forward. It is simply a way for aggrieved consumers who would otherwise not find others who have suffered the same injustice to find and join forces in a supportive and enpowering environment

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