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Complete Home Security - Android/ios controlled

a startup idea shared by Rani Devi on 08/22/2013

There are several home security devices available in market, each has it's own features. My idea is to build a complete home security solution in an affordable price than existing products controlled by ios or android app. Security features: * watch/store Indoor and outdoor videos of house, * Answer to the people in front door via iphone, no matters where you are, * Senses activities of door and windows, lockers and safes, Additional Features: * Control all elec. items such as light,AC via phone * Store videos in a NAS attached with the device and access anywhere from the world. Yes, a private cloud server w/o monthly fees. * Monitors temperature inside house, water leakages,etc., Tracking Features: * Track your pets - will alarm if pets go out of the perimeter * Tracks kids * Finds phone,tv remote control,handbag,wallet,etc., Product overview: * All this will be controlled by one single device and multiple plug & play wireless devices. * Price - U.S$ 75(approx.) for a basic set + cloud storage I want to fundraise using kickstarter or Indiegogo for bulk manufacturing. I need co-founders and Technical directors for app building,website designing and online marketing.


cloud storage

file sharing

home security




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Tony Gaddis A/V integration with media, Research, QA San Francisco Bay Area
Rezki El Mokaddam Marketing / Web services / Co-Founding / PR Nador, Morocco
Avantika Chitturi Co-Founder, Marketeing, PR Santa Clara, California, USA
Sanjay Kumar Developer Pune India
SANDEEP Developer Pune India
Acquin Dmello IOS/Android Developer Mumbai, India
Jason Safaiyeh Mobile App Developer Los Angeles, CA, USA
Vishal Vernekar Software Developer(Java) India
Mohtashim Khan Android Developer , Embedded System Developer Pakistan
Harshit Jain Harshit Jain Bangalore,India
Jeetendra Lulla Strategic Marketing India
Tŕôzàŋ Gôüd Co-Founder ,Marketing, Co-Funding Hyderabad
Maurício Coelho Developer Brasil
Fadlan Roslan Android Developer Malaysia
Shivam Kapoor iOS DEVELOPER Mumbai
Nikunj Joshi ios developer , Marketing and Profit chain adviser Surat
Ashwini Belsare cofounder, media coverage, launch in your country Bangalore
Rithik Chaudhary business developer, app developer (android) navi mumbai, maharshtra
Mian Asad Ali Android Developer Lahore,Pakistan
Ibrahim Al Shukri Mobile app developer, Engineering Supervisor Muscat, Oman
MANU MOHAN Co Founder / Sales Dubai / India
Harsh Sharma Business Development and Co founder India
Shree Thaanu Raveendran  IOS Development Bangalore

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