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Sujith Kumar shared this idea 4 years ago

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Connect, Share, Build and Grow. ( CSBG)

a startup idea shared by Sujith Kumar on 04/16/2017

It is a simple concept similar to a mutual fund, but quite different from it.I would like to call the organization CSBG, and will be used throughout in the description.The concept is simple -start with a group of people suppose 20-30 , these people would share 3 things in CSBG that is money, skills and time and that in minimal terms. Suppose these 20 people without leaving their existing work or job share 40 dollars a month, then the total amount will be 800 dollars in a month, now from these 20 people each will get an opportunity to submit a business plan and from the set of submissions highest voted business plan will be worked upon by these 20 people by sharing 1 or 2 hours daily, and the mutual amount would be invested into that business under a minimal interest rate of suppose 2 to 5 percent, plus 10 % of total profit to CSBG. Like this the network can be multiplied further under the rules and regulations of our organization CSBG. The pool of money will go on multiplying and can be used by members again for redevelopment of existing business at a minimal interest rate.

business connect

Mutual Fund


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