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Cooking with Family:)

a startup idea shared by Parvathy Santhosh on 02/27/2016

In these busy days and unhealthy life style,most of us are reluctant to cook at home.Mostly because,its extremely difficult to go to the store in heavy traffic and get all the spices,materials to cook a meal.Why don't we set a good example for our next generation?Cook a meal together as a family,and we will help with that.CWF is a concept where we ship in entire materials needed to cook a specific recipe to household,to your doorstep.So when you get home,every fresh organic ingredient will be ready cut and measured to perfection so you just have to cook and serve.Every recipe cooks in less than 30 mins.All ingredients will be organic.Make it fun for the whole family:)Every week we will have 4 recipes and at-least one will be international cuisine.So while you cook,you also get to learn new cuisines.




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