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a startup idea shared by Pavel Kotyza on 08/09/2012

Idea which is already in the production phase - We offer something entirely unique in the history of tourism. Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon but most people do not know what it looks like. At we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive range of corruption experiences. The modern day traveler wants choice. For this reason we offer a selection of corruption packages that includes the opportunity to visit various popular destinations while experiencing first-hand a wide range of corrupt businesses as well as the leading practitioners of corruption. We aim to give you the most value for your money, an entertaining day filled with adrenaline and adventure. We are confident you will find the tour that is perfect for you and at the right price. How do you like this idea. Does your country offer space for our travel agency? Would you like to support us? Let me know on Pavel Kotyza HQ @










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Raluca Arvunescu Tour Guide/Other hands-on role needed Prague

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