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Count your calories with a photo

a startup idea shared by Kenneth Yong on 12/18/2014

It is such a pain to manually count your calories if you want to stay healthy. What if you could take a photo of your meal and an app will tell you how many calories you are consuming? And then help you track your daily intake in real time? Current ideas involve deep learning and advanced spectrometer technology. Why can't it be done in the below way? 1) Take photo 2) App searches Google for similar images to identify the food 3) Using the food's name, the app searches for the nutrient content by trawling publicly available databases 4) Based on this data, it provides an estimate of the calorie content of the food you took a photo of 5) This calorie measure is tracked for a period of time that you specify, or which you can let the app determine for you based on data about your weight, height, and average physical activity You can even introduce this as a plugin for social sharing sites


Calorie counting



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