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Crowd-based spam solution

a startup idea shared by Andy Hickey on 05/30/2015

Because my email address is out there in forums, registration boards and domain registries I get A LOT of spam. Traditional anti-spam filters are of little help. They use text analysis to try to detect whether the email is spam, phishing, etc and move them to your trash. This works in some cases, fails in others and sometimes gives false positives where legitimate emails end up in your junk folder. While unsolicitored emails are illegal, taking action requires individuals to make reports and for the relevant authority to take action without knowing the numbers of those affected. Few people have time to make complaints for every junk email item they receive. It would be a full time job in my case! The solution I provide counters spam in two ways: 1) By moving junk to the junk folder, sending automated reports to a central database 2) Administrator take action against the spammers on behalf of all users who received the email The service would work through web scripts for webmail and plugins for email clients (outlook,thunderbird, etc) for desktop and mobile which send reports to a central database.



unsolicited email

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