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Crowdfunded Lobbyists

a startup idea shared by Jason Griffin on 02/29/2016

Everyone knows that modern governments are bought & paid for by special interests. Our elected officials don't even pretend to represent the people anymore (once they're in office... they will profess to having your best interests at heart til they're blue in the face while they're campaigning), they're all beholden to the financeers of their campaign and when important legislation comes up on the docket for a vote, the armies of corporate lobbyists always have their ear while the general public has no real voice on these issues at all. But...what we if we too had the ability to hire these all powerful Lobbyist groups to work for us, the American people? Might our state & federal officials finally become compelled to listen to the will of their respective constituencies? With the advent of 'crowd-funding,' we now have an opportunity to find out. A Kickstarter model that allows regular people the chance to fund professional lobbiests, right there on the frontlines of government policy, with donations



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