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Crowdfunding and franchising network

a startup idea shared by Eduardo Robles on 03/07/2016

I would like to change the old franchising modle, by creating a website that would allow communities to vote and donate $20.00 to have a start-up or existing franchise unit that would create jobs and be benificial in their community.<br>Once all funding is met for a spacific unit and location individuals can regester to qualify to own/run a unit in their community cost free, and just pay regular royalties.<br>The founfers of the site would charge a small royalty fee to the parent company for each unit established through the site. Its a moltiple win situation.<br> Franchisers get free funding and marketing.<br> Franchisees get a free unit in their location.<br> The community creates jobs and careers.<br><br>I am looking for partners who think this is a viable business idea to realize this.

web service

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Giuseppe Co-founder / business/development/funding london
Onder & Ciliv Co-founder, business developer Belgium/Luxembourg
Rahman Sunandi Co-founder, business developer Indonesia

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