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Damn Easy Image Hosting

a startup idea shared by Matt Norad on 10/06/2012

Do you realize that any image hosting service need at least 2 click for user to upload image? click browse>>choose image>>click upload paste URL>>click upload I plan to simplify this by : click browse>>choose file(auto upload) paste URL(auto upload) This may sound such a boring idea but in design and UX point of view this could translate to huge visitors especially on mobile platform. Also this image hosting could be the frontier for vector image hosting(SVG) recently getting popular again due Apple Retina Display and future HD screen. I would like to say Imgur and Minus as the top image hosting right now but they still lack both of above features. Our image hosting strive to be simple(no need to register, forum integration) and fast(no database). feature : -easy, multiple upload -simple album -forum plugin(see PostImage for example) -JPG/PNG/GIF + Vector image hosting revenue : $Ads $Forum plugin monthly subscription see details here :








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Matt Norad Developer & Webmaster Malaysia
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Stefan Pejcic Webmaster & Blogger Serbia
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Gary Tripp Business, Advisor, Marketing, User Exp, Management Saint Louis, MO
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Ivan Stamenkovic Web developer (more backend) Serbia
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