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Data free social networking app

a startup idea shared by rook official on 10/26/2017

Not everybody has access to internet services or sometimes it's usually costly,in the vein of this Me and my team(Rook) has started the development of a data free networking app.The app will use AJAX as it's major framework and it will have an offline server.The app will be used to post texts&images(of a limited size),data free video&audio chat including free textual chat.The prototype is being worked upon and we are looking for SERIOUS MINDED people to partner with.The type of partner we're looking for must be able to raise at least $15,000 for the development of this project.The prototype is being worked upon even as you read this.Contact me/my team on the following media links FB: Bojuwoye Emmanuel FB page: ROOK Twitter: @EBojuwoye Official E-Mail: all mails here).Thanks




internet-free networks

social networks

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