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a startup idea shared by Ram Sai Charan A on 02/25/2016

Carrying or possessing cash is always a problem to people. To solve this to some extent, cards and mobile wallets came into existence. What if you are out of charge in your mobile to spend money or forgot your wallet at your home. The other problem also with them is they are vulnerable to hacks or robbery. With us, even the slightest possibility of losing cash will be eradicated. Even if you're kidnapped, beaten, robbed and thrown away some where leaving with nothing with you, you will still be able to use your cash. You will be always possessing the cash with you irrespective of place or situation you're in. Yet there will not be a single chance of losing your money anyway. No need to remember PINs or Passwords. You will not need even internet to spend the cash with merchants. A unique, first of its kind payment platform where you can spend cash or send money to any person in India with/without our account within an instant at any time. We want to develop a society where there will be no fear of losing cash. We are disrupting the payments system. We are disrupting the society. You can book/hire/buy/contact/request various things as well with our startup. It's a revolution.


internet. retail



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