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DEALMAKER$ (Tinder meets Amazon)

a startup idea shared by Collin Schutjer on 06/16/2017

My idea is basically an app where you make a buyer and/or seller profile and select what you're interested in buying/selling (with various filters like year, color, condition, type, distance, preferred payment method, preferred delivery method, etc. - in this example, i'll use old coins as the product since I'm into that kinda thing). Then say i'm a buyer who's interested in 2 and 3 cent coins from the 1860's. I would be "matched" daily with sellers who are interested in selling said coins (same like/dislike mechanics as tinder). Sellers will also be matched with buyers who are interested in their products, and be able to view their profiles and ratings from previous transactions. Matches with the ability to be sorted by most recent, high/low price, rating, nearest to me, etc would also make it useful to the users. Also allowing buyers or sellers to search for specific items or users will allow more freedom than tinder. I believe this app could be very successful and could easily be made free on the app store. Constructive criticism is definitely needed though because this is not a complete idea by any means, just something i thought should be a thing.





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