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Did you *** TODAY? 41% of the world did.

a startup idea shared by Arshad Kashpov on 12/23/2017

Comparing your today's action with world For a better tomorrow Part-1: Can you update in your profile after you have done something(you can update right after you did or at the end of the day)? Can you sort those tasks/incident according to how much time you spent on those tasks?(just need to sort, not need to remember how much time) Can you mention each one of the task/incident ended positively or negatively? Then, you will able to know what percentage of other ppl who did the same thing today, and what percentage ended positively/negatively. Part-2: Can you mention why you think your task/incident was ended positively or negatively? Then, you will able to view other people's reasons of the same task Part-3: You will be able to up/down vote other people's reason right? Then the website will display most voted reason as top, and in sorted order. also you can comment on those reasons. if the user base grows, version 2 of website can have the functionality to add friends and private messaging. Many 'interesting' ideas are out there, but their 'continuous' usability is at question. So what do you guys think, this idea is exceptional or just same as any other?








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