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Don't eat alone

a startup idea shared by Amir Fekrazad on 04/15/2014

First, while there are many nice friendly people around us we barely get a chance to talk to them and get to know them, because we’re too busy or shy to initiate a conversation, among other reasons. Second, I observed that many students eat by themselves on campus. Combining these two, I thought that a third party (the app) inviting people to eat together can tackle both these problems. The app works this way: you tell it your whereabouts, your schedule (the time you usually eat), and who like to eat with (age, gender, etc.). Then each day the app matches you with someone who meets your criteria, finds a restaurant/cafe nearby and a time convenient to your schedule, and sends you (and your match) an invitation to eat together which you can either accept or reject. I've already implemented the idea and you're welcome to join:

location-based service



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Ryan Kirby Web Developer / App Developer United Kingdom
Sanjay Kumar developer India
Colin Qi UI Design United States
Jordan Herrera Idea Coordinator United States
Jan Toman Designer/Web developer/Project manager Czech republic
Grzegorz Gurgul Developer (Web + Mobile) Poland
Ahsan Ayaz Developer(web) Pakistan
Carl Forrest Analytics, Quant Marketing, Growth Hacking Arlington, VA USA
Pavan Kumar Developer India
Bhanu pratap singh Android Development Gurgaon, India
Ricardo Neves Web Developer / App Developer Portugal
ÑÅbèél Hąįđəř App Development Sardogha, Pakistan
Markov Blanket Web/Android Developer Philippines
Carlos Eduardo Bernardino Project Manager Brazil
Piyush Palod business development india
Shivangi Adhia Developer India
Krupy funding, marketing, project manager Czech Republic
Alex Yang Business partner Canada
Gökhan Atış marketing Turkey
Tan Tai Front End Developer Union City, CA, US
Huy Nguyen Web developer Nha Trang, Viet Nam
Emre Bekar Developer Turkey
Viết Trung Phan iOS developer HCMC VietNam
Hardik Patel, Programmer Analyst Developer Canada
Miu Project manager Czech Republic, Prague
Tuấn Anh Hoàng iOS developer Hanoi Vietnam
Mansur Dehpoor React-Native developer Netherlands
Allan Chai Business man Malaysia
Shiva Chadha want to implement this in india india
Muzammil Pathan iOS App Developer Mumbai
Alessandro Alessio c# developer dublin
Pol Marín Morón Web/App deveoper, AI Barcelona
d Birkenheiser implement in Canada, Graphics, Marketing Kitchener, ON
Haythem Had Android Developer Tunisia
Nidie E Software Tester St.Louis, MO
Ali Kabiri Android Dev Germany
Cristopher Burga Developer (android/java) Peru

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