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E-bookstore, but unlike any before

a startup idea shared by KJ Garces on 07/01/2018

There is a disconnect between the Filipino writing community and the actual readership--an app/website would do well to bring reading material forward to the right people. <br><br>The business model I&apos;m thinking of is multi-phased, in that it begins as a retail-bookstore type of community, then gradually introduce the writing component into the system. In not so many words here&apos;s what I&apos;m thinking:<br><br>1. a &quot;Bookstore&quot; for pre-loved books, with an auction pricing model<br>2. a writing platform--but only allows for reading until halfway into the novel, anything after that the reader should either (1) submit a review/editing comments to the author or (2) fund the publishing of the novel<br>3. a social media site reserved for bibliophiles, where they can harp on about their latest finds/organize events/discuss analyses, etc.<br><br>I can go into so much detail, I&apos;ve done some initial research into the supply chain, etc. If interested, hit me up:






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