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Educational Software and App

a startup idea shared by Yåle Femi on 02/11/2015

I have an idea for a number of educational software and mobile applications to be introduced into African market. I am looking for a passionate business person or developer who is ready to make the world better with me. We can discuss more...





mobile app



South Africa

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Michal Hudeček App development Prague
Guga Hartz Product Owner/Developer & Project Manager Brazil
Mayuresh Joshi Programmer Bangalore
Varouj Seuylemezian Product Manager, Developer, Architect Los Angeles, California
Akshay Jain Programmer, project manager, business implmenetati Mumbai
Amit Hooda Android/iOS Developer Gurgaon India
Mayur More Android developer Pune, India
Daud Eli manage south africa
Rad Sar Technical Business Analyst Scotland
Marius Istudor software developer France
Jim Bakoume launch in my country Cameroon
Garth Rehbock Android/Widows Developer South Africa
Mir PublishingLlc Developer Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Manish Anand Literary Support India
Kamaraj Palsamy Developer Chennai
Shishir Laad Project Management India
Eduardo Holzmann developer android/backend argentina
Elita Astrid Lobo Software Developer India
Imran Niloy Web developer Bangladesh
MANEET DEWAN Launch and Project management India
Siddharth Thathagar Software Tester/QA Engineer Gandhinagar, India
Avani Savla Developer Dubai
Mahesh Samaradiwakara Launching in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Er. kartick mishra Founder kolkata
Sophia Atif Pedagogist and Developer Stockholm, Sweden
Sotaya Yakubu Software Engineer Saarbrucken, Germany
Chandra Prashad Mishra Mishra Software engineer India->karnataka->bangalore
Rahul Sharma Software Developer India->M.P.->Bhopal
Reuben Anietz Android/Web Developer Nigeria
Anderson Mac Researcher / Web Developer Nigeria
Géraud Willing Software Engineer France/Benin
Anil Motwani Owner of a startup IT firm in India India
Ashwani Kumar Web Developer INDIA
Lê Nhật iOS developer Viet Nam
Ravpreet Kaur student Ireland
Ruddy Cavalcanti App Developer (ios/android) Brazil
Vivek Anandan CEO(MANAGING DIRECTOR ) bangalore
mojtaba ghffari investor / Business Development iran
Mandy Malapane Launch in my country , manage, developer South Africa
Mary G Nduriri developer Kenya
Dharmaraj Jayaraman Web/App developer, Project Management India - Chennai
Shruthi Ranganathan Project Manager Bangalore, India
Ved Prakash Technology Management Hyderabad,India
Mursaleen haider application development pakistan
sajid Jamshed Web Developer Pakistan

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