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Everybody can be despatch and earn money apps

a startup idea shared by Farhan on 09/29/2015

This is the next big thing! I dont know how to explain, but i will make it in a story. David is a small business owner. Once in a while he got something to collect and something to deliver but the destination is not that far and David could not always leave his business and go to send/collect the thing. By using courier will be costly and to hire a despatch also costly. In the other hand michael can help him because he is going to the same direction as david eventhough they didn't know each other. So david post his request on this apps and michael agreed to the price so he delivered the job and get his money in his pocket for helping david. Please come and participate be my co founder..

Despatch delivery make money

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Meghna Shetty co founder/UX designer New Jersey
Joseph Maynard Marketing/Business Development Washington D.C.
Mayank Bangia Investor, Marketing India
Jason Feimster Business Developer, Executive Advisor Washington, DC
Marouane Android Developer Morocco
Elijah Reinhardt Co founder/ product development Hayward, California

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